Marvel / DC Character Loop


I’m officially a comic nerd


  1. Robert

    Someone shared this to Google+. This was GREAT work.

  2. Great work!

  3. Have you ever considered to create a simple CM11 Theme with this boot logo inside? It would be cool!

    Thanks in advice for your amazing work 🙂

  4. Alex

    Is there a name for this type if art ?

  5. eddon deroche


  6. luter

    WOW, man, this is AWESOME ! ! !

    do you have it in better resolution?

    • chris (Author)

      Thanks! Yeah i made it HD

      • Shwise

        Could you share this HD gif? Thanks!

  7. Prakhar

    Could we use it in one of our websites? Non-commercial and credit will be given too

    • chris (Author)

      Sure. Would be lovely to get some credits. Please send me the link to your website.

      Thanks 🙂

  8. Arian

    What is the name of the 3rd superhero? I know them all except that guy after Joker.

    • chris (Author)

      Gambit from the Xmen

  9. Tom

    Hi Chris,

    I was just wondering,
    could you make a GIF for me?
    tell you the names of the superheros/villians I like?
    Or can you tell me how you made this please?

    Thanks very much

  10. Hi! I’d like to use this superhero gif for a Superhero Costume Party Fundraiser VLOG intro on our school site. We’ll make no money off the VLOG. Would that be okay?

    • chris (Author)

      Sure. Would be great if you add my Instagram or name under wherever you use it. @ChristianTailor

      Thanks 🙂

  11. Hi Christian,
    We have an app called: Teeevo on the App Store. We are coming up with our new version V3.0 which is completely revamped and has an amazing design. We came across your loader through pinterest. We would love you use your loader for our app and will sure credit you in our app. Let me know if thats okie with you. Cheers! Our app is launching on 15th July.

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